What makes Retail Associations Important in Marketing

Retail marketing is undoubtedly one of the most common forms of marketing. It involves real-time interactions with the consumers all the way through their retail journey and up until the point of sale. In most cases, effective retail marketing attracts the loyalty of the customers. It is easier to maintain customer loyalty if you are able to connect with consumers at a personal level, this can be done through a number of channels, including email marketing, social media, television, and advertising. Retail associations exist to support individual retailers in their battle to maintain and improve customer relationships by offering them unique discounts or opportunities, for example:

1. Loyalty Programs/Membership services

Retail associations may have loyalty or membership programmes, by which, individual businesses or retailers are able to access the different offers that the association is able to grant them. This may come in the form of discounts for costs that are specific to businesses in the retail sector, such as shop equiptment, point of sale technology or even contents insurance. It could also be cost reductions or special offers on banking or financial services. These opportunities and discounts are generally available when the retailer has agreed to pay a fee, either monthly or annually, to access these services.

2. Becoming part of the retail community

Retail associations tend to have a large community of retailers in their membership. Due to this, by signing up for a membership, not only do you gain access to the numerous discounts and opportunities, but you have access to network and meet other businesses in the same situation and markets as you. Although some of these people may be competitors of yours, you may also have access to other retailers who can offer you business advice or contacts within your sector. This can, at times, be a great opportunity for retailers.